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July 2019 Milford Proving Ground -Thomson Scaria

This week in Milford, the July Shutdown is in full swing. The majority of the GM employees are off work, so it is a race against time and weather to finish the multiple jobs around here before July 8th. During the week, I went to a steam line meeting and we talked about the conditions in working in vaults. The main concerns were entering a confined space and dealing with ventilation, temperature, de-energize the line. OSHA does not have a specific standard that covers working in hot environments but the explains how to use the heat index to determine what precautions to take.  I have been super busy conducting and assisting orientation with Tracy Clark. One day, we had 32 people to orientate but I make sure everything was in order, so these tradesmen were good to go during this busy time.

Intern Shadowing: Trevor Tank

Since I am at Milford, I can the chance to shadow Trevor. He is studying Construction Management at Ferris. This is the first time learning about this major. He taught me about different roles in construction such as Project Manager, Superintendent, and Estimator and how they fit in into the big picture. He also explained to me the construction costs that are involve on different jobs and how the money adds up into a bid.

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