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May 2019 – Ideal Contracting/Steel – Stephen McGregor

So far the internship program has been great. Before starting I felt like I was going to be in over my head, but upon starting I could already tell that everyone at Ideal steel and at the office were great people to work with. Jeff quickly got me working on my own bids, and within the second week I had completed my first bid. So far this has been a great learning experience, everyone that works at Ideal Steel is very quick to offer suggestions and advice. I have also spent some time with Ideal contracting learning more about the civil side of estimating, and the process of going through the civil aspects of a job. Dennis Kane has taken me on a couple of pre-bid site walkthroughs which have been very helpful in understanding the the processes of Ideal Contracting. I have learned a ton thus-far, and I am excited to see what more I can learn/do in the coming months.

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