2016, Barton Malow, Build U, Ideal Contracting, Intern

Dylan Yore – WTC final week

Last week was very eventful for everybody. I spent majority of my week making sure I was ready for my presentation. I spent a lot of time rehearsing in front of people and buttoning up my power point. At the same time, the nerves set in as I sit back and realize we’re all back to school in a matter of no time. I hope everybody had an awesome experience and enjoyed it as much as I did. We had an great intern group and I enjoyed spending time with all of the interns and mentors. I appreciate everything Jon, Alex, and Yesi did for us this summer; You guys really knocked it out of the park! I’d also like to show some gratitude to my Mentor Gus. Gus did everything he could to make sure I had the best experience I could and was exposed to as much as possible. He opened up my eyes and expanded my mindset on this great industry. It only made me fall more in love with the work we do here at Ideal Contracting. Gus “is good people.” I quote him and some of the people here at WTC when I say that because I’ve adopted that saying over the past few months. Thank you everyone for this summer, it was an awesome experience that I will cherish forever!

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