Steven Sinn: Week 11, Meet Bill Kingsinger

This is Bill Kingsinger, Bill is one of the four general foreman

that ideal has on site; Bill is in charge of the steel erection on building AB and C. When I first met Bill, building AB was in the beginning stages of erection. Bill has been my right hand man in my time at the event center. If I ever needed anything or needed help with something he found a way to make time and help out. Bill is one of the more experienced Iron Workers on site and I am grateful to be able to learn and work with him. Now Bill is working on building AB detailing and building C. Bill finds a way to be productive and makes the Iron Worker’s work hard on a daily basis. I’d like to thank Bill and the rest of the Iron Worker’s for making my first internship an awesome experience that I will never forget. Here is a picture of Eric Faust and Bill Kingsinger. Eric is one of raising gang iron workers; he has also been a pleasure to work with and has always helped me out.

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