2016, Barton Malow, Build U, Ideal Contracting, Intern

Dylan Yore WTC.

This is for the last two weeks,,

Last week I spent a day with Paulina shadowing her in the morning and experiencing what a hard dollar project is like. It was very cool to see that side of the construction spectrum. Then that afternoon I took her all around the places of our campus that she had not experienced and showed her all of the jobs I have been on this summer.

I also spent a day with Steve Sinn2 out at the Red Wing’s new stadium. That was an amazing experience and truly eye opening. It was crazy to see all of these trades working together all at once. We enjoyed lunch downtown and then came back to watch the 426 ton crane make a couple of picks. I look forward to tracking the building of the stadium because one day when I go to see a Wings game, reminiscing on the construction will be a great feeling.

I also took care of my executive shadow and interview with Mr. Hautau. I had an awesome day standing in Jon’s shoes. we sat in a couple meeting which sounds boring, but again was so eye opening and very inspirational. To go from being in the field day to day to experiencing all of the behind the scenes leg work Jon and the upper management do to support our day to day functions was inspirational. I am currently in the process of doing my write up on the interview between Jon and I. We had a great conversation and discussed a lot of informational topics. I have a fantastic day Jon!.

This week I have been practicing my presentation and helping Erin Wolf out with daily field reports that have to be entered into a computer program manually. The presentation is going great and I am feeling more and more comfortable presenting it in from of people. We have been working on this very important monument for a plane crash that occurred several years ago. Yesterday we poured the base of this monument with a rebar cage and sonotube which brought me back to last summer working for the electrical contractor I worked for. We did this a lot.

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