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Steven Sinn: Week 10 DEC Building C Progress

Week 10 was a very busy and exciting week. This week was a big week with the beginning of steel being set on building C. We also had a pretty big lift for us, we had hoisted a  23,000lb  steel beam that connects building C to the main arena. This had drawn a pretty big crowd since it was considered a critical lift for our crane on site. Building AB is beginning the detailing process with connecting the rest of the stairs. All things beside, on Thursday was the biggest of the week with the top out party for the main arena roof. This is a pretty big milestone not just for Midwest steel but for all of the contractors on site. Plus the shirt and food trucks were pretty cool. But as an intern we are closing in on our final weeks of our internship, it is crazy how fast it has gone by. Here are some of the pictures I had taken through the week.

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