2016, Barton Malow, Build U, Ideal Contracting, Intern

Week 12 in Pontiac

This was a pretty busy week in Pontiac for me. The team and I got several quotes in and took a look at a few different jobs that needed to be walked to get the scope of work. One project was walked today which includes the replacement of about 2 dozen VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) motor controllers on Air handling Units in the Penthouses of Building C. VFD’s supply motors with a range of electricity voltage to change the frequency of the motor, to make it run slower or faster, depending on the need. This is going to take a lot of coordination with the subs and the owner to complete the work at specific times when the different units can be shut down. We had to go to each different AHU (14 in all)  in 4 different Penthouses, to take a look at the specific work that needed to be done at each one. All but one was to have the supply and return motors upgraded as they are all outdated.

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