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A Day with Steve Sinn: Paulina Torres

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to shadow Steve Sinn. Our day started off at the Detroit office where we met with AGI Construction: the GC for the Cafeteria Project at Detroit Cristo Rey. Later that morning, we headed off to Cristo Rey for their owner meeting. After the meeting, we headed over to the soon to be cafeteria and Steve walked me through all the construction that is being done. I really enjoyed attending this meeting because I find it incredible that Cristo Rey students will now have a cafeteria. The gymnasium used to be our cafeteria when I was at Cristo Rey. The school is going through some very big, positive changes, and I am very excited for all the student body.

After the owner meeting, we headed off to lunch and went over to Toyota where I got to see everything that is going on there. A pond near the entrance was extended, so that it can accept more water shed that comes off the parking lots. I got to see the area where they will be adding a 110,000 square feet building. Finally, I learned that Ideal will be installing a new generator system that will be able to power the whole facility. The day concluded with checking out the new trailer on site, and helping Steve and Chelsea install their punch in machine.

Shout out to Steve for allowing me to shadow him for a day, thank you!

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