2016, Barton Malow, Build U, Ideal Contracting, Intern

Chris Kuenzer: Moving Drywall

Michael and I had a busy day yesterday. We started the day by using our tape measures to verify the dimensions of the walls for our as-built drawings. If we found a dimension that was different than what the architects called for, we would mark the correct measurement on the prints with a red pen. We found a few measurements that were different, but all of our important dimensions (widths of hallways, locations of doors) were spot on. The discrepancies we found were all pretty small, and they were all due to the fact that we are doing a renovation, so we have to work around the existing structure. An example of this is that several of the conference rooms on the south side of the building are smaller than expected, because it is more important to keep the hallways at the proper width.

We had a taco truck come on to the site for lunch, and we got to talk to Riley and Dylan Yore for a while after we had finished eating. They came back to Building 70 to help move 290 sheets of drywall into the building with us and the laborers. We signed a Pre-Task Plan and went over the potential hazards before we started working, then two of the laborers gave us some tips for how to load and unload the carts without straining your back. We also learned a little bit about efficiency and optimization, as they explained to us that we should stack the drywall with the white sides facing down so that they would be easier for the carpenters to work with later, and to protect the white side from scratches and scuffs if the stack is used as a table.

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