2016, Barton Malow, Build U, Ideal Contracting, Intern

Chris Kuenzer: More Progress at Building 70

Last week was quite busy for me, as Alex was on vacation for a few days, so I had to take care of doing our meeting minutes, SOP cards, the daily report, and all of our normal duties by myself. I was also tasked with picking out appliances that meet GM’s specifications and getting product data on them for a submittal. We sent in the submittal on Wednesday, and everything was approved. Now we have to coordinate with our subs to get all of the proper plumbing and electrical in place so that all of the appliances can be installed.

The schedule at building 70 is moving along as planned, and we are finished with framing walls, and are almost finished with drywall. Our carpenters have started to frame the ceilings, and Ensroth is making more and more progress with the ductwork and fire dampers. We have painters on site, and they have a coat of primer on most of the walls on the East end of the building, and they have started to repaint one of the stairwells. We also had some guys from Gardiner Voss on site for a few days to install the support steel for the operable partition in one of the conference rooms. In addition to all of this, VAV boxes are getting piped and wired, and we have three drywall finishers working hard to get our walls ready for paint. It is very interesting to watch them work, as they have a few specialized tools that enable them to work extremely fast.

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