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Last Week in Pontiac

Last week was a pretty busy week in the PDPM office out in Pontiac. Our Project manager and my mentor Joe N. was on vacation, so the work load was a little extra for the two project engineers and myself. There were a few walkthroughs that were set up and done to look at various jobs including a job requiring scaffolding to clean up and possible repair some mortar that’s falling from a block wall in a few corridors in one of the testing facilities. After the walkthrough, I put together an estimate of Ideals cost including Labor, Material and Equipment. What ever isn’t going to be subbed out needs to be taken into account. I then would go through the budget with Joe, as well as one of our superintendents Moose. After that, I put together a quote letter and I fill out an activity log that GM sends us to show the various costs of different aspects of each project. That gets sent to GM to await their approval. After they give us their purchase order number and the agreed upon amount, we send out Letters of Intent to the subcontracts to get the ball rolling on getting their SDS’s and safety information into our safety managers. I sent out a few of those this week as well. On top of that, I put together requests for contracts for several jobs and sent them over to Lynn and Michael who are the PDPM administration support. I also put together a quote for one job that requires the removal and repair of a sanitary line through three floors and up unto the roof.  I am looking forward to my Director shadow trip that I am taking to follow Richard Brown around and shadow him at the Detroit Events Center on Wednesday.

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