2016, Barton Malow, Build U, Ideal Contracting, Intern

Tony Saucedo Week 8

This week has easily been one of the busiest of the summer. First, since the month of June just ended, Dave and I worked on a consumables report while Roberto did small tools and materials. Every month, Dave sends emails to PMs for them to approve certain transactions to the correct network and activity numbers. I then calculate the totals and report the correct network and activity codes to the corresponding cost centers, and enter all data into SAP for reference. We then scan the reports in case we need to print them off again. These reports needed to get done by Friday and we were able to do it with teamwork and effort.

I also helped Virg with Exxon Mobil and Home Depot receipts. Every month, employees who get reimbursement for their vehicles are to collect and submit their gasoline receipts to the purchasing department, and fill out an expense log so we can enter them into a system and give them their deserved reimbursement. It is tedious to look and make sure all employees have the correct receipts submitted in time but completely necessary.
Similarly, employees on job sites must collect and submit their Home Depot receipts to the purchasing department if they are issued a Home Depot card. I went through the invoice/receipt list and highlighted all invoice numbers and corresponding invoice dollar amounts that were submitted. This week, Virg and I will have to reach out to the people with missing invoices so we can get them into the system and get rolling.
It was a very productive week and I look forward to this week, so bring it on week 9

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