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July Shutdown Week: Paulina Torres

          This week has been very busy! I have spent very little time in the trailer, and more time out in the Steam Plant checking out all the work going on. On Monday, I got to see an excavation (happened outside the Steam Plant). The reason for the excavation was to install a City Water valve that goes into a feed that runs through the steam plant. An old fiber glass water line that was leaking was also changed.

          The steam basement and steam break room area came out positive for lead and PCB. As a result, there was Lead and PCB Awareness for all the people involved in abating these areas. Sitting through this training, I noticed that I did not know much about lead or PCB. A couple of things that jumped out at me were that Detroit has the largest lead poisoning population rate. Just a little History, lead poisoning could had contributed to the fall of the Roman Empire. Lead poisoning can only occur through inhalation, injection, absorption and ingestion. PCB (poly-chlorinated biphenyls) comes in form of a liquid or solid. There are two type of PCBs: co-planar and non-ortho. For safety purposes, every worker was told to treat the lead and PCB contaminated areas like asbestos.

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