2016, Barton Malow, Build U, Ideal Contracting, Intern

Flint and Detroit this Week

This has been another great week here at Ideal, I had the opportunity to see interesting new jobs as well as continue to watch my teams main job progress. The beginning of this week I spent my time in Flint helping our team with miscellaneous tasks and other small projects as well as watching the construction of our second crawler crane and the work being completed by our original crawler crane. On Friday, Dave and I worked in Detroit and took a field trip to take some measurements and also to visit the Detroit Event Center. In order to gain a better grasp of a sign job we have, we walked through the Ally building in Detroit to find the possible hurdles our guys would have to cross when installing the steel framing for the building sign. This first field trip led us up to the 43rd floor of the building that just so happened to be the roof. In case you haven’t had the opportunity to see Detroit and Windsor from the 43rd story of a building, I have attached a picture of that (and a few other interesting events as well). DEC was very interesting as well, it has been a few weeks since I have been there and was quite impressed to see the progress that had been made between my visits. I look forward to going back in august with the rest of the interns to visit the site again.

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