2016, Barton Malow, Build U, Ideal Contracting, Intern

Chris Kuenzer: Lifting Ductwork

We had some major deliveries this week, including more ductwork, and two trucks of drywall and insulation. We also had a boom truck on site to lift some of the ductwork above the parapet and onto the roof. We watched the first part of the lift, and Roger and Pat explained the hand signals and some of the safety procedures that they were using. We worked with the guys from Ensroth for a few days to work out a lift plan and schedule, and we had to clear out the parking lot of most of the cars to give the operator ample space to do his job.

Besides the lift, we are trying to get the adjacent garage ready for when the GM workers come back from shutdown. This includes painting the infilled block, finishing the ductwork and plumbing in the garage, and moving the barricades that lead from the basement to the garage. On top of this, we had a planned power outage today, so we had to set up temporary generators and lighting. It’s fairly hectic, but our superintendent, Pat, is handling it extremely well.

Here are some pictures of the lift from earlier this week. One of the guys from Ensroth on the ground was in constant radio communication with their team on the roof, and he was using hand signals to tell the boom operator what to do.

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