2016, Barton Malow, Build U, Ideal Contracting, Intern

Travis George- Week 8 at Ideal!

Last week I had a very interesting and fun week working for ideal. I spent the beginning of last week visiting Dylan and his mentor Gus at the Warren Tech Center and briefly meeting Paulina at Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch. Visiting a PDPM job site such as Warren is an interesting change of pace as their scope of work is much different than ours here in Flint. I was able to see quite a few different constructions projects being performed as well as touring one of the onsite GM buildings. Thank you to Dylan and Gus for this excellent opportunity!
Aside from visiting the Tech Center, I spent my time in Flint overseeing more of the progress of our project. I find it very interesting to watch how quick such a large building comes together once the construction process actually starts.

Because of the holiday weekend, we chose to get a large American Flag and use our crane to hoist the flag for the extended weekend. Everyone agreed that is looked great and was a cool idea for the long weekend!


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