2016, Barton Malow, Build U, Ideal Contracting, Intern

Another Week of Progress

Shout out to Glenn, Derek, Jon, Yesi and Alex for setting up a great trip to Fort Wayne, I think I speak for all of us interns when I say we had a great time and certainly learned a lot!

As another week passes our iron workers continue to erect steel and our office team continues to correct problems encountered by our guys in the field to decrease downtime and therefore increase production. The largest problem encountered this week was that some of the trusses were fabricated incorrectly. Our steel contractor contracted another steel company to do some of the fabrications for this project and unfortunately they attached the mounting brackets on upside-down and therefore the bolt holes on the truss and the holes on the tab of the column do not line up. We spoke with our structural engineers at Ruby and our steel fabricator at Schuff Steel to come up with a solution. Our team decided the best alternative at this point is to attach a new steel plate tab to the columns these trusses will be attached to and cut off the existing tabs.
Aside from immediate problems we are also working to avoid future problems. After starting the erection process and realizing we are ahead of schedule and other contractors we count on are behind schedule we see that adjustments need to be made.
As of this morning our guys have began placing the Air Handling Units (AHU) identical the AHUs we saw in Ft. Wayne. As Glen had discussed with us these units are very heavy and must be assembled on site and placed as the building is being built to avoid the need for expensive helicopter placement. I was told one AHU, including the rigging used for the lift, weighs right around 53,000 lb.

I have attached some pictures of the progress this week!

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