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Progress in Flint

In the past week, and more specifically the past few days there has been tons of visible progress here in Flint. Until the beginning of this week, the only work completed was prep work so the erecting process can follow in an efficient manor. In the past few days our guys have completely assembled our first crawler crane and have even begun erecting steel a bit early; we had originally planned to start erecting June 20th but our guys were ready and anxious so they started on the 16th instead.
Although I have enjoyed experiencing some of the beginning stages of a huge construction job, I am definitely excited to watch the main building actually be brought in truck by truck and be assembled piece by piece. Much of my time in the past week has been spent observing and learning a bit more about the process of erecting steel. Aside from observing the guys in the field our team has managed small obstacles that could have potentially hindered the progress in the field. I have attached some pictures I have taken over the past week.

The first few pictures are of the crane being delivered and built..

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