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Dylan Cook Week 4

This week was a pretty eventful week for me up in Pontiac. On Tuesday I went to the Orion Assembly Plant to check out the big roofing job that Ideal has there. One of our Forman said the project was over 660,000 square feet with all the phases combined. The roofing jobs for the assembly plants are so large that the roofing contractors have 4 wheelers to go from place to place, loading and unloading materials and waste.

That afternoon I went on a walkthrough at the Drayton Plains CCA warehouse where GM stocks larger parts. This job was for the repair of the wide flange and cylindrical beams that are columns supporting the roof structure. These beams have been dinged, dented, bent and sheared by fork trucks running into them. We looked at several different ones that were in really bad condition with an engineer to discuss the best way to repair for each instance.

On Wednesday I walked a future job that includes the replacement of exterior concrete stairs and the removal and replacement of asphalt drive and parking lot; which part of the area was tore up because of a fire main brake a few weeks back.

This morning before our weekly meeting with the facilities management at the Pontiac Powertrain Center, my mentor Joe and I finished up a hard dollar job quote which includes the rigging of an exterior generator as well as the concrete pad it sits on.

I have chosen my presentation topic; which is on 3D BIM modeling. I am going  to talk with the Visualization Designer at Barton Malow about his job on Monday about the various uses of BIM modeling in the construction industry.

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