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Chris Kuenzer: Morning Routine

I’m getting more and more used to working in the field, and I’m starting to get into a morning routine. The first thing I do when I get to the job site is walk around the building and look at what had been accomplished the day before. It is very important for us to know what we have done, because we need to keep up with our schedule, and plan what we will start next. After my walk, I always fill out an SOP (Safety Observation Process) card. The point of these cards is to observe a small group of workers on the site, and make sure that they working safely and have properly filled out their PTP (Pre-Task Plan). These SOP cards are a way for us to notice any unsafe practices or bad habits, and address the issue before it causes an accident. After that, I turn in our Daily to GM, respond to emails, and organize DCR responses and other paperwork that has been returned to us.

The progress on Building 70 is coming along well. Ideal has finished framing the exterior walls, and is working on the rest of the interior wall framing. The subcontractors from Ensroth and PPP have started to work on the duct hangers and replacing some piping, and work will begin on fire protection soon. The guys from Mastercraft Flooring have a shot blaster that bombards the floor slab with tiny steel pellets to remove the pressure sensitive glue that held down the old carpet and vinyl. They had a few problems with the machine though, and it left a pitted finish on the concrete, so they switched to using a scraper and two grinding machines today. I think we will have to move our desks and computers tomorrow when they are ready to grind our temporary office area.

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