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Tony Saucedo: Week 4 Blog

I have reached out to just about every Ideal Contracting employee to gather their computer model name and serial numbers. This will help the purchasing department carefully monitor our assets by being able to update and revise the document whenever a new laptop is issued.

Another project I worked on is cutting grass and weed-whacking in the area surrounding building c.  There are some ugly weeds and patches of crabgrass surrounding the warehouse, where customers, colleagues, and subcontractors come in to drop off and pick up orders. It may seem like hard labor, but keeping building c tidy from the inside and outside is completely necessary for maintaining strong relationships with customers and subcontractors. We at the yard agree that keeping the place tidy, clean, neat, and organized will help attract people and prosper business.  I used a large, heavy-duty lawn mower to cut large patches of weeds and crabgrass, and used the weed-whacker to cut the hard to reach places. Once this was done, I sprayed Round-Up weed killer in every possible sidewalk crack and patch of crabgrass I could find.
Finally, I printed out a list of employees, with corresponding shirt sizes, and passed out SOY golf shirts.  They are white this year. Just about every Detroit, Warren, and Flint employee either has received or will receive their shirt by the end of today. Pontiac, Milford, DEC, and Fort Wayne, you are next.
I look forward to Week 5, where I will hopefully figure out my presentation topic, plan my shadow/interview with executive, and possibly even visit the DEC job site.

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