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CPR Training, Aerial Lift & Fire Pump Generator Training – Paulina Torres

During my fourth week, I went through CPR Training with my co-workers. The training lasted majority of the day, and consisted of very useful information that everyone should know in case of any emergency. To perform proper CPR, you must do the following:
1) Check if the area is safe.
2) Tap the victim on the shoulder to check for a response.
3) Yell for help: tell someone to call 911 (or your site’s emergency number), get the first aid kit, and AED.
4) Check if the victim is breathing.
5) If the victim is not breathing, remove clothes from chest area, and give 30 compressions and 2 breaths.
7) Use AED and follow instructions.
8) Keep giving compressions until the victim starts breathing or someone with more advanced training arrives to help.
My fourth week concluded with a mini adventure of going up on a lift to take elevated pictures of the chiller plant. These pictures are used for our own record to keep track of the progress in the plant. Thank you Brian for taking me up on the lift, it was pretty cool to see the chiller plant from an elevated view!
Fire Pump Generator Training was a unique experience. Although I may not know every single detail of how this generator works, it was good to at least learn about the different functions found on the disconnect. “O” means off, flashing yellowing is a warning sign, and a flashing red indicates a fuel injection fault. Fire Pump Generators are good to have because in case of power outages, and a fire were to occur, the fire pump generator will be able to make the sprinklers in the building go off.

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