2016, Build U, Ideal Contracting, Intern

Dylan Yore – Week Four

This week I was introduced to kick off meetings and was reluctant enough to witness first hand the collaboration between GM, Ideal, and subcontractors. Along with the kick off meeting I attended, I sat in on a scheduling meeting for an upcoming project. On Wednesday Gus made my mom very jealous by having me plant flowers and hang baskets for the majority of the day. Now I should be well acquainted with gardens for our Magna International Volunteer Day. I have been spending a lot of time on my own laying out a drawing for the concrete removal and replacement at Dock 20. When that is finished we will walk the site and map out which concrete slabs will be removed and replaced. The conclusion of my work week was unexpected and unfortunate. We had an unexpected accident at the Warren Tech Center that was very eye opening. With a whole lot of confusion from security, police, ambulances and traffic everywhere, Ideal handled the accident as professional and textbook as it could have been handled. Everybody followed procedure and did their jobs accordingly along with the help of many others. It was a very eye opening day and I witnessed something most will not in their career.

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