2016, Barton Malow, Build U, Ideal Contracting, Intern

Week Two in Pontiac Dylan Cook

This week has been filled with more learning experiences for me with the team in Pontiac. I have been gaining experience working with the Project Manager and Project Engineers here. They have helped me and guided me through various parts of the PDPM process including sending out Letters of Intent (LOI), putting together estimates by myself, sending out requests and countless other activities that are apart of the front end of a project. I have yet to go out on a walkthrough, taking a look at the scope of work for the individual projects, but I plan to as soon as one comes up. Today I had my second weekly meeting that the team does with the facility managers at the Pontiac Powertrain campus, which discusses the numerous tasks that are going on there. The meetings go over how current projects are doing, the status of other projects in the quoting phase, as well as discussing the schedule and upcoming projects. I am looking forward to being more proficient at these activities and I believe I will be able to take on a whole project (from the Request for Quote (RFQ) all the way to handing it off to our supers) with little supervision soon.

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