2016, Build U, Ideal Contracting, Intern

Tony Saucedo: Keeping Track of Inventory

In order for company operations to run smoothly,  the accounting department must successfully and carefully monitor all of its assets. During the beginning of this week, I had to take care of a few preliminary tasks, like orientation, picking up materials from Southfield, and working with Barton Malow IT to make sure my computer is ready for work.

Once all of that work was completed, I walked over to building c, the trailer, and the main office to record everybody’s computer model name and serial number. In the afternoon, I drove over to WTC and did the same thing. For Milford and Pontiac employees, I sent out emails requesting this information. All of this data was recorded onto a spreadsheet for us to analyze.
By next week, I should have everybody’s computer information so we can figure out who needs a new laptop and who does not.  It was wonderful to see everybody again here at Ideal and meet fellow interns.  I look forward to week 2.

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