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Week 9 & 10- GPS/ PDPM- Sabella Ammiano

Good afternoon everyone,

Last Friday July 13th all the interns met at the Detroit office to start on our project in Scarcyny Park. We did a walk-through and then went over a plan of who gets what project task and what is exactly needed/ wanted in the project. Manuel and I got tasked with making a project schedule. Manuel is up in Pontiac with me right now and we are trying to put together the schedule. It is definitely a new learning experience since neither of us have done a project schedule before.

This week I got to go on a safety audit at the Pontiac Metal Fab building. They are doing a huge roofing project there with the new type of spray on roofing. That was a pretty cool couple of hours because I got to learn important safety information and also got to see how the roofing is sprayed on and what their process is. Also this week, we had an emergency pipe leak over in Orion so I got to go down and take a look at what they were doing. The cool thing about that job is right when we got out of the car they found the leak so everyone was excited that they dug in the right area and they could start making the necessary repairs. Overall, things have been pretty slow in Pontiac after the rush of the July shutdown but hopefully things start to pick up again soon.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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