Week 5- P. GPS PDPM- Sabella Ammiano

Hello everyone, week five has been pretty busy for me. I have had some new found freedoms this week with Dylan out of vacation and Matt my mentor working with helping the company transition to a new software, so he has been in and out of the office. I got my first solo project this week.  It’s a small project that just has to deal with adding a disconnect switch to one of the cells that test the engines and transmission but I was thrilled to get it. It was pretty cool to go on my own on this and go through the process while learning from my mistakes. I have mostly been making sure all the projects scheduled for the July Shutdown are finalized and ready to go which means sending out contracts and LOI’s as well as start the estimates for new projects to come.

Yesterday, Adam, Andrew, Michael, and I attended our first After 5 Event at Beacon Park in Detroit.  It was the kickoff party to the After 5 Event with food and friends. It was nice catching up with everyone, and to see what types of projects they were working on in everyone’s different site. I’m looking forward to more intern events to come! Also, today another intern Manuel came to visit the Pontiac site with me. Later we plan on taking a tour of the GM plant and he wants to learn how we go through the PDPM process so I look forward to teaching him that and learning what he does at Milford.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any exciting pictures this week since I’ve been in the office most of the time but hopefully I will next week. Everyone enjoy their weekend it’s supposed to be super nice out!


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