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Week 4- Pontiac GPS- Sabella Ammiano

Good morning everyone, during this week it has been pretty slow in the office but busy in the field. The superintendents have taken me out with them at lot this week since things have slowed down with my projects. I really enjoy going out in the field and asking questions about how things work and what the process is to fix something because it really helps me to connect with what I have learned in school. It also gives me a better understanding of the actual construction work that goes on here. There was a pipe leak at the Orion Assembly Plant earlier this week so I got to take a trip up there to see the big hole they were digging and what the process is to find one of these leaks. Since these pipes are older these leaks have been happening a lot lately they have the process down pretty much on what to look for. I also got to take a look at the work being done at the CCA building here at GM with the precast wall panel replacement. The walls are older and starting to cave-out so we are going in there to remove the concrete walls and replace them with the precast wall panels. That was a nice walkthrough because we went in the morning and got to actually see the laborers and carpenters working.

Attached is a very funny photo of me standing next to the Front End Loader they are using to take out the concrete walls. I promise I’m not photo shopped in there, I’m just that short. Everyone have a great Friday and a great weekend!

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