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Week 3 GPD/ Pontiac Sabella Ammiano

Good morning everyone, it is week three here up at the Pontiac job site and things are going really good! This week has been super busy because we are getting ready for all the projects taking place during the July Shutdown.  We are making sure everything is finalized and ready to go, while still receiving new jobs.  It has been really nice to be a little more independent this week in knowing how the PDPM process works. This process includes getting job numbers, sending out estimates, sending out proposals to our clients, having LOI, PIF, and BUT documents, etc. I’m glad I can actually start to help my mentor Matt as well as Dylan because if they need help they can rely on me to get it done.

Unfortunately, since we are so busy in the office I haven’t had much time to get out and do many walkthroughs or explore more of the Global Propulsion System this week. Today however, should be pretty busy outside the office. I have an early morning walkthrough and then right after I am going to attend the Friday meeting minutes. I actually really enjoy going to this meeting on Friday’s because it shows me more of our partnership with GM and how we talk through things and keep up to date on each project.

Overall, this week has been super fun staying busy and getting to know more and more of the PDPM process as well as becoming more independent in my work. Also, getting to be more involved with the Pontiac team is such a good experience and I can’t say it enough about how happy I am to be here!

Everyone have a great weekend!



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