Week 12 – Lindsay Kowalewski

Hello Everyone,

This week I got to work with Adrianne to learn more about the industrial hygiene part of safety. I assisted her in conducted noise samples with a dosimetry in the Ideal Steel Shop. We sampled 6 different workers: 1 CNC operator, 1 Foreman, 2 Fitter Welders, 1 Welder, and 1 QC.

Last week I got to shadow Julie Weiss the Controller at Ideal Contracting and interview her. It was interesting to be able to see what other people do at Ideal. Julie oversees the accounting staff, and is responsible for the full financial side: reviewing budgeting, forecasting, income statements, and insurance. The biggest part of her job is forecasting. Every month she sits down and reviews projects and their profitability. Julie has been with Ideal for over 20 years now, and has a degree in Accounting from Walsh College. I asked Julie what professional accomplishments she was most proud of and she said Yesi Ramos. She took her underneath her wing and watched her grow as a person. She says if you believe in someone and do everything to make them succeed it can happen. She is also very proud of the people in her department, because they are all hard workers and their success makes her successful as well.




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