2018, Build U, Intern

Week 12 – U of M LSA – Miranda Zamora

This week the interns and I had a meeting together to discuss our plans for Scarcyny Park. We worked and discussed on scheduling, design, and estimating. Doing these kind of things as interns is really helpful for our careers because we’re able to experience how to manage a job and the time and effort it takes to put a project together. After our intern meeting for Scarcyny Park, we went to the quarterly staff meeting. It was good to see what the rest of the company is doing and what challenges/problems they have faced and how they have fixed them.

The next day, Sabella and I went to the Warren Tech Center to visit Erin Wolf and Lauren DeVerna to interview them for our topic on women in construction in engineering. We also interviewed  Chelsey Bejarano and Jennifer Torres. I want to give a big thanks to these ladies for taking time out of their day to answer some questions we had for them! Hearing their stories really inspired Sabella and I to work harder and look forward to continue being in this industry!

Below are some some silly snapchats that we took together!



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