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Week 11 – WTC / Ironworkers Training Center – Jacob Rhodes

Good morning everyone,

Last week, at the WTC I continued helping Dan Salkowski with many of his jobs. I was also able to see how new technology can be used on a job site. I went out on-site with Chris Fooy, an Ideal project engineer, and used a 360-degree camera to take progress photos. These photos were very fast and easy to take and provided us with a high-quality image. I was also able to go out with Jeff Martin, an Ideal superintendent, and use a snake tube inspection camera to view and take pictures of something that would have been otherwise inaccessible. It was very fascinating to see how new technology can be used to increase productivity and efficiency in a construction project.

Last Friday, the Build U interns were able to take a trip to the Ironworkers Training Center. This was a great experience and we all learned a lot. We started in the classroom and learned about what ironworkers do and how to become one. Then we toured their facility and learned about some of the different things that ironworkers are trained on. After that, we were taught how to use torch cutters. The interns were then allowed to design and make a metal bookend with what they had taught us, it was a lot of fun! We cut out our designs with the torch cutters, then we welded the design to the bookend base and lastly, ground down any sharp edges with a grinder. I was happy with how mine turned out and I am very thankful to everyone who took the time to set the visit up and to the workers who showed us around the training facility and taught us what ironworkers do. We had a very good lunch and before we left we were given the opportunity to climb steel columns like the ironworkers of the past used to do. This was very cool and a lot of fun to do!

If you are interested in learning more about our trip to the Ironworkers Training Facility, Gus Cerku put together a video of our trip that you can view below.

I hope everyone has a great day.


Jacob Rhodes


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