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Week 11- MPG Dyno Site/ Iron Workers Union – Manuel Roque

Last week at the Dyno Site at MPG. The G-Compliance list was sent out to the contractors. Constructing this list is a good way to practice communication skills among the contractors, because you directly communicate over what items must get done before G-Comply. Also, the team received the punch-list for cell 7. This punch–list is getting done faster than previous lists. In addition, I was able to visit Miranda’s site on Monday and Michael’s site on Thursday. Both of the sites were a good experience because, I was able to see how they conducted their work, and daily tasks. Lastly on Friday the interns were able to go to the Iron Workers Union in Wixom. This event was a good experience, because I was able to cut and weld steel. Iron work was something I always wanted to practice. Hope everyone has a great day, thanks.

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