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Week 10 – GM WTC – Jacob Rhodes

Good morning everyone,

Last week I continued helping Dan Salkowski with many of his jobs here at the WTC. We had a very interesting emergency job later in the week at the Climatic Wind Tunnel. One of the engines powering a turbine was down and Ideal needed to get the engine out of the tunnel so that it could be sent out for repairs. This was complicated by the tunnel being a confined space and needing to be locked out for people to enter. There also wasn’t an exit large enough to bring the engine out. But through some improvisation and creativeness on behalf of the team involved, they got the job done. It was very cool to see and I am excited for when the engine gets repaired and returned so that it can be put back in.

Also, Michael and I will be starting to work on estimating the intern community project.

I hope everyone has a great week.


Jacob Rhodes


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