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Week 9 & 10 – Toyota Ann Arbor/U of M LSA – Andrew McElwee

The last two weeks have just flown by!! The cafeteria project has been moving along well, just replaced the ground plumbing and starting installing new frames. The plumbing was interesting because we had to go through eight inches of concrete to get to it, the whole process was a good learning experience. Also, last week went to see the Detroit City Football Club play, got to catch up with the other interns which is always great. This week Miranda hosted Michael and me on her site, U of M LSA. They’re on the last leg of completing the steel frame for an addition. The site was really interesting to see, and Miranda was very knowledgeable about the project and was able to give us a good understanding on what’s going out there. We also toured the Michigan Union where we are installing a steel canopy. I was overjoyed to have the opportunity to see the Union as it undergoes remodeling. Thanks again Miranda for having us, the Union is an important stronghold in the Michigan community and glad to know it is in good hands.

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