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Week 10 – U of M LSA – Miranda Zamora

This week a couple of the BuildU interns (Michael and Andrew) came over to my site to see the structure at LSA. It was cool to realize how much I have learned over the course of my internship when I was explaining some of the things I knew. After I showed them the structure we went to go walk the U of M Union site where our next project will be. I showed them where the canopy was going to at and what it would look like. We then walked around the Union and got lost because of how many different turns the building takes but it was good to get lost a little so I can familiarize myself with the building! However, Andrew goes to U of M so helped finding the ins and outs of the building so thank you Andrew!

This week I have also been doing a lot of submittals,transmittals, and making sure all our drawings are up to date. It’s been a fun busy week!

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