Week 10- MPG Dyno Site- Manuel Roque

This week at the Dyno Site at MPG, I am continuing to update the punch lists we have. The list is almost complete just very minor items are left. Also, I have compiled a list of items to complete for G-Compliance to undergo green tag. Making this list is a good way to practice communication skills among the sub-contractors, because you directly communicate over what items must get done before G-Comply. This project is coming to an end, in the next weeks to come. However, during shutdown we had incidents that occurred leading to this week of another safety near miss. Despite this, our leadership concluded to shut down the project for Thursday and Friday, and resume work starting next week. This action was taken to enable the workers to reflect regarding safety. For a job close to completion, all workers on site must be actively aware no shortcuts can be taken to meet job completion.  Lastly, Sabella and I will be working on the scheduling for the community project. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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