Week 9- MPG Dyno Site- Manuel Roque

Good afternoon,

At the Dyno Site at MPG, I am continuing to update the punch lists we have, they are almost complete just very minor items are left. Most items were completed this weekend, including items that had parts waiting for. Also, AC-8C, an AC equipment will have G-compliance today. Joe and I have been working together to get equipment through G- compliance, and get equipment to go to green. Doing G-compliance has enable me to study each piece of equipment, and understand their primary functions. As well as doing punchlist items. I view what items are not done and check them off when they are complete. Identifying items has helped me gain more knowledge into different trades of the construction industry. In closing last week some fellow interns and I went to support the Detroit City Football Club, it was an exciting game.  Thanks hope everyone has a great day.

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