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Good Afternoon!

Last week was a busy one for me, I was all over the place. I started the week in Warren at the Tech Center then had a meeting in Marysville for the City Hall project we are completing. They hit soft soil when excavating, boy did that throw a wrench in the plan. They had to have engineer’s and testing agents come out to assess the soil. They decided to dig down about 4′ till they hit good soil. This changes how were pouring our footings and possibly could push our start date back.

I worked a lot with GoCanvas this week also. I developed an SOP chart, similar to the one Ideal use to use before GoCanvas. This chart monitors the SOP data generated from the sites on a daily basis and summarizes it over a period of time. If you haven’t already, get with your site safety rep and ask about the awesome things GoCanvas can do. The chart will hopefully be fully operational this week, and then can be sent to your project team on a weekly basis. See below for a sneak peak at the chart.

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