2018, Build U, Intern, Tour

Week 9 – U of M LSA – Miranda Zamora

This week the interns and I had the chance to go to the Michigan Laborers Training Facility Tour! It was a great day of learning something! We learned about the basics of concrete the history of silica, how to prevent getting sick from silica, and its properties! I’ve taken a science of materials course for my major and many of the properties that are in silica I learned in class! It was cool to see that I found something I knew about. We also learned about the proper usage of PPE. We learned how to properly put in ear protection and we also learned when to replace our hard hats, safety vests, safety glasses, etc. By the end of the PPE presentation they took us on a tour around the facility. By the end of the day we were all given certificates for completing intro to concrete, silica awareness, and PPE awareness. I would like to thank Ideal and Michigan Laborers Training Facility for giving us the opportunity to learn and experience new things!

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