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Week 7 & 8 – Toyota Ann Arbor/Labors Training – Andrew McElwee

Hello everyone,

The last two weeks we have been moving along with the cafeteria project. We are working hard to stay up to date with the schedule even with unforeseen events coming up. It is interesting to see how we adjust and the alternate actions we have to do in order to keep up, either bring in more workers, working on Saturday, or both! Also being a part of the weekly meeting with the costumer and seeing how important to being the same page as them so the project continues to flow smoothly, we have been doing a great job at doing just that.

Additionally, this week we got to spend a day at the Labor Training Site in Perry, MI. It was an eye-opening experience. We got to participate in three different classes jam pack with information. This being from the basics of concrete, silica awareness, and PPE awareness. We are got a tour of the site which was pretty cool. Thought it was good that we got to see where some labors are trained and the training they receive. Thank you, everyone, who help put it together, great learning experience for us all.

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