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Week 7 & 8 – MPG PDPM – Adam Klebba

Hi Everyone!

It’s shutdown week! Very hot and very tired. We have been working our butts off over here at MPG. Working long hours but we have a great group of people out here who work hard to make the customers happy. For the most part we are ahead of schedule on most of our jobs which is a really relieving feeling for all of us, but makes sense because of all the proactive measures we took to make sure we were ready for the hectic week. Proud of all the field workers out here for working hard but most importantly staying safe. Everyone helped each other out this week through communication and having each others back. I have gotten to see pretty much every type of work this week which was really good experience wise. Running from job site to job site all day is tiring but does make the day go by fast. The paving jobs is probably our biggest ongoing job right now, next to the steam line repair. So that means lots of orientations had to be done to accommodate for all the new subcontractors and workers on site. I have a stack of about 100 orientations next to me right now. I did enjoy seeing all these jobs progress over the past couple weeks, you get a sense of accomplishment witnessing a job approach completion knowing that you and many others all helped each other work together to complete the job. It’s not over yet but it has definitely been a wild but good experience.


-Adam Klebba

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