Week 6 – MPG PDPM / Operator Site Visit – Adam Klebba

Hello Everyone,

It is getting close to GM shut down week, and it is definitely showing with all the work we have going around here. Lots of paperwork getting pushed through with getting jobs ready to take off. Especially the paving packages that are taking a very long time to put together safety wise, but we are getting it done! Got to see a couple cool jobs around Milford here ranging from confined space work to rigging large sections of pipe into one of our very large excavations for the steam line repair. The experience is still great and i love getting out in the field with all the workers as much as i can. Working with superintendents Ed Behnke, Pat Powers, Jason Zilio, and Mike Durnell is a great learning experience as all of them have vasts amount of knowledge in the field. Learn something new everyday. On Thursday, us interns were able to take our first hands on field trip to the Operators Facility in Howell. It was awesome! We toured the facility and had the chance to actually operator a 320D backhoe. It was such a cool experience as it was the first time i have ever been able to do something like that. Below are some pictures from the visit. Can’t wait for more trips to come. Thank you to John Clawson for setting up the visit for us!


See you all next week!

Adam Klebba

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