2018, Build U, Intern, Milford Proving Grounds

Week 6- MPG Dynos/ Operators Training Site- Manuel Roque

Good morning,

Last week the interns were given the opportunity to experience a tour of the operators training site in Howell. This visit was very enjoyable, because the interns got the chance to operate equipment. Also, we got to learn about the history of the training facility. In the same way, the director emphasized how important the relationship between the contractor and operator hall is. The relationship, consists of the hall being able to provided operators that are diverse in operating all type of equipment, and being able to adapt to the new technology the equipment has.

At the Dyno site at MPG, I was assigned to take responsibility of three pieces of equipment to undergo G- comply. This assignment required me to practice my communication skills. I gathered all the information for G- Comply, and made a list of what the contractors had to complete before G- comply. All three pieces of equipment passed to yellow tag. Which means that the equipment can have power and be tested.

Hope everyone has a great week.

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