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WEEK 5 & 6 – Detroit, GM GTC & Intern Site Tour – COURTNEY ILER

Good Morning!

Had some vacation time these past weeks. Much needed! The week after I returned has been full of lots of excitement.

After I returned, I sat with Gaetano, an estimator for Ideal. He had a bid due by end of day, so I review the excel sheet that the estimators have to fill out and reviewed some bids with him. It was interesting learning all the different aspects and verbiage that has to be precise and to the point when sending in a bid, all inclusion and exclusion have to be spelled out specifically.

Then I worked with Lauren, a project engineer for Ideal, on the night shift or “zero shift” as GM calls it. We were testing the positioning of a snow gun in one of the GTC wind tunnels. It was a long night, but exciting to see! I have a picture of the small snow gun below.

Later in the week, John Clawson had set up a tour of the Operators/ Engineer Training Facility for all the interns. That was really interesting and informative to see. They do a lot for all the apprentices and journeyman, keeping them up to date on all the new technology. Technology really has come a long way, especially in the construction world. We also got to operate an excavator, which was pretty awesome! This facility offers a lot and not just to the construction industry. While we were there, there was a group of Firefighters conducting rescue training in a collapsed building.

This was definitely an eventful week and I am very grateful for all the opportunities Ideal has made for us as interns.


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