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Week 6 – Toyota Ann Arbor/Operators Training Tour – Andrew McElwee

This week things are continuing to move along. More and more things are being signed off for the Powertrain expansion as we wrap it up. The demo of the cafeteria is moving forward as well, there was paused when we realized we weren’t working with the most updated drawing set, but that was quickly corrected and we were back on track. I definitely see the importance of good communication with the customer/reprehensive and how can make a job run so much better, therefore we are actively ensuring we do have a good open line of communication.

On a really cool and awesome note, all of the BuildU interns had the opportunity to visit the operator training facility yesterday, in Howell, MI. We got to learn a lot about everything that happens on the over 500 acres they have, they do training with over one hundred pieces of equipment. Plus, a bunch of other things from different firefighting scenario, dog rescue training and more! The facility is essential to creating future competent operators that drive the construction industry. The guys really take pride in their facility and what it is able to accomplish, by teaching all the operator to be versatile and knowledgeable on new emerging technology. Also would really like to thank them for letting us all operate an excavator, it was an amazing experience. I got some pictures below of me showing off my phenomenal operator skills!

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