Week 5- MPG Dynos- Manuel Roque

Good morning everyone,

Last week I was able to visit the GM site in Pontiac. Sabella is currently on this site. I was able to shadow her daily tasks on the PDPM side consisting of tracking the job, knowing if the job is quoted, in progress, or completed. I also went to the weekly minute meetings, these meeting are scheduled to discuss the progress of each individual job, and to answer concerns about the jobs, or resolve problems. Lastly, a superintendent was able to take us for a site tour. It was interesting to see and compare the Pontiac site to Milford, because the Pontiac site has emission testing as well. Compared to Milford, the testing is operated with full size cars. Unlike in Pontiac it is simply just the engine component. This week I am assigned to complete a set of lists for equipment, in order to comply with G- compliance. As well as updating the progress of each punch list item for cells 5 and 6.

Hope everyone has a great day.

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