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Week 5 – Toyota Ann Arbor – Andrew McElwee


This week was the official start of the cafeteria renovation on the Toyota Ann Arbor site. After getting all of the JSAs approved, it was time to begin demolition, take down ceiling tiles, removing cabinets, tile, and wallpaper. The project is starting off well with all safety protocol being followed and the project moving along smoothly. The Power-Train expansion is continuing to wind down, completing more tasks on the punch list and I helped to complete transmittals to turn over manuals to Toyota.

Then Thursday the after 5 program that BuildU is doing a trial run this summer for the interns had its first event. The program kicked off with a party and food truck rally in downtown Detroit. I thought it was pretty cool to have a chance to catch up with some of the other interns to see how their summers were going. Shout out to Sabella, Michael, and Adam who were able to make it out to the first event, and made the one hour wait for food worth it!


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