2018, Build U, Intern, Milford Proving Grounds

Week 4- MPG Dynos- Manuel Roque

Good morning everyone:

This week on the MPG dyno site, I was assigned to review a punch list for cell five. Punch list items are items the owner reviews on the project for final completion. For example, those items can range from fixing a dent on drywall and repainting it, to missing labels on pipe lines. These punch list items are what is left to complete on the project before final occupancy and payment. After reviewing the punch list, we communicated out to the subcontractors on site. To check what they have completed from list. To be able to update our punch list. Also, I have spent a lot of time in the field. Overserving how the mechanical, electrical, and plumping components work and function.

Hope everyone has a great day.

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