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Week 5 – UofM LSA – Miranda Zamora

This week I have been learning more about TC bolts and how to spot them in drawings. I’ve helping John my project manager and Bill my superintendent track down field bolts by looking in the detail drawings. TC bolts stand for tension control bolts. This is a heavy duty bolt used for large structures.

These past few weeks have been awesome learning about steel and what proper connections are needed to make a strong building. The guys in the field are also really awesome to talk to because they answer any question I have. I definitely think this is the best way to learn, by seeing, asking, and observing how things get accomplished.

Below I posted another picture of how the LSA project is coming along!

On Wednesday, I shadowed Mark McCrindle on the Amazon project! It was cool to see a huge building under construction and see the Kiva robots running around.

I hope everyone has a good weekend!

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